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Drag list to change its position is buggy
Hey, is anyone else having problems when trying to change the position of a list by using drag & drop?

When I drag a list to change its position, sometimes it doesn't stay on the position where I drop it (it automatically jumps to another position). This doesn't seem to happen on the web app.
I'm having that issue as well. Also, when I change the date the screen will focus on the date that I changed to instead of staying where it was like before.....
Been having this issue with lists. The change doesn’t stick or it doesn’t sync to other platforms.
Hey guys,

Could you plz tell us the devices, system version and software version number you are using for TickTick?

It would be more helpful if you can specify the case, provide us some screenshots, videos or some detailed operation steps via samsung s10 newest android, newest ticktick update.
Same problem with nonsticky entrys while swapping them
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