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Missing Features - SubTask Tags, Favourites
You gave SubTasks individual Due Date feature but didn't give individual Tag feature which makes them not fully usable. With their individual dates they are showing up in the calendar perfectly. But with only their parent list tagging and no individual subtask Tagging, Tags show entire lists with SubTasks which are not relevant making the Tag feature a little less accurate.

Please give a feature of Favourites Folder wherein you can select any Folder, Tag or Smart list. Without this, we have to go necessary location we need regularly with multiple clicks each Time. For example, each month on 1st I create a few Smart Lists for that month with Tasks with Top Priority I have to do that month. It would be very useful if it would be within daily visual view which will make us more productive.

I am premium user since almost 6 months and a big fan of your app. But for these 2 missing feature made me buy 'Remember The Milk' app yearly subscription to checkout those features. And they implemented those both. But still I would like to stick to your app because of the quality of the iOS and Mac Apps.

I really really hope you implement these 2 fundamental features.
Thanks for the feedback, will pass them to the product team and do an evaluation soon.
Thank you
If I may hijack your topic, separate priority levels for subtasks would be great.
Tasks and Sub-tasks should have same features, only difference being they are nested.
Right now Sub-tasks are second-class citizens :-)
Exactly! Subtasks need tags, priority levels, duration, notes and, when you complete one, it should be accounted as a complete task in the statistics! I like the stats feature, but it doesn't take into account when I complete a subtask. What's the point, then?
Completely agree. In my opinion, Sub-tasks are at-least used in 2 kinds of situations. One wherein sub-tasks are parts of a main task, and all needed to be completed for the task to be completed. I guess this is how TickTick developers view it too and the reason for the percentage view and also the reason for not taking their completion status into stats. Second situation wherein Parent Task is just a category name for the Sub-tasks and all need not be completed for the task to be completed. For example, say a Shopping list, which could have multiple items in them where in you use the parent list name just as a category like Home Appliances. [HOME>GET>HOME APPLIANCES>Sub-Tasks]

I would also suggest that Sub-Tasks divisible using Headings would be very useful for further categorisation of data. This would null the necessity for another Sub-Tasks link in "RememberTheMilk" app which I found very useful. You can bypass that with this tweak if you can implement.

My point is that Tasks need to divided, sub-divided and categorised in every which possible way and minimum 2-level nesting with categories below the main Parent list is essential for a good Task Manager App.
Bump. I would really love to have tags for individual subtasks. For the GTD method, this is a crucial feature. The Parent task acts as the 'Project' and the subtasks act as the 'Next Actions.' When viewing a particular tag, the subtasks should show up instead of the parent tasks. Then, when we select the subtask (Next Action), we should be able to see which parent task (Project) it is a part of.

And additional subtask features would also be appreciated. Things like priority levels, notes, and possibly even deeper levels of nesting, such as sub-subtasks. (This is one thing that other to-do list apps have over TickTick). For now, I'm sticking with TickTick, though as I still feel it's the best even without these features. Keep up the great work Dev team!
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