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Add Notes Please?
Love the app, signed up as premium after using it for a bit and am enjoying it so much.
My only issue is not being able to have notes.
Can this feature please be included in the future?

Im not interested in jumping from one app to another as many people suggest.
I really want notes in Tick Tick, would make it absolutely perfect!
Hey there,

Could you plz specify this feature? Do you mean adding the feature to the "Task Description"?
Just a section where i can add bits of information that i need to reference to. Something i cant delete with a completion tick
I agree a place for notes would be helpful. Sometimes I will use the description area for notes but if I need to create subtasks then it changes the notes to subtasks. So that's not the best solution. Lately I've been using the comments section for notes as a work around. Works fairly well. That's my two cents.
Thanks Casper, I'll give it a go.
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