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Embedding TickTick
I'm trying to embed TickTick into another app called Notion, but I cannot find a URL that pertains specifically to my account task list. Is one even available? Currently, it just embeds the homepage even though I'm logged in to my account. Please advise.
I'd also like to know this - it would be super helpful to be able to embed and show specific things - e.g. the calendar, next 7 days, today's tasks, etc.
Hey folks, I found that if I just embedded into the page it works just fine. You may have to login when the Notion page appears. Good luck!
Persistent links to embedded pages would be great!
I've been embedding specific lists in the page for a while and have not had any issues. I also use Notion and successfully tested an embed there as well. The URL came from the web app when viewing any list. The format looks something like:

Links with that format should be persistent, while links to appear to default to the 'all' list

Pasting the link in notion and then selecting "Create Embed" from the menu that came up worked for me in both Firefox and Chrome. I did have trouble getting it to load initially, but it was a privacy extension blocking access to it. If you are having trouble you may want to take a look at your privacy settings.
The issue is in notion itself.

embeding really is creating an iframe html tag in the web browser

when you embed url like
then in web browser iframe tag is created and it looks like this

<iframe src=""/>

the the issue comes when you try to embed url like this

i.e. url where there is some information after # which is needed to navigate user to corresponding page/screan in the app.

what happens is notion strips everthing after #
so after embeding that url, instead of having

<iframe src=""/>

We get:

<iframe src=">

that's why you see `All` tasks instead of tasks from specific list.

the issue should be fixed on notion side by just not removing information after #.

if you also care about it please report this to notion so this issue is prioritized (just send them link to this comment).

(The other possible fix can be done on ticktick side but it's much harder, which is to not use # or if user visits `` redirect them to ``. but there will be same issue in notion for some other similar cases so notion still has to fix that).
+1!! Been wondering about this and realized that using Brave browser with shields up was blocking embeds in Notion.
For the love of God I want this so terribly
Hi all,

I've dabbled with Notion as well, so I'm wondering if any of you can elaborate how you're currently combining TickTick with Notion? Why not just use one or the other? Is it more that you're doing one thing in Notion but need to keep track of tasks too in TickTick so you don't want to have to leave Notion to do that?
I got this answer from notion:
Hi, Ole!

I'm sorry about this. We use for embedding in Notion, and sometimes they don't accept certain links. You can check out their website for which they accept––600+ providers. I hope that helps!
You can test urls here

Testing will strip away the query string and result in only "".

This means that in order for notion to be able to embed ticktick properly, ticktick need to provide a share url in a format that embedly understands.
With the explosion of use of Notion, TickTick could crush everyone if it changed their url scheme. I also really, really, really want this. +50
Hello, I cannot get TickTick to login to Notion once embedded. The page just cycles back to the username and password page. Has someone overcome this yet?
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