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Pomo Timer does not count down breaks in Web version
Dear Tick-Tick team,

since a few days the pomo timer has kind of stopped working for the break bits on the web version: it will count down the working sessions correctly but while the relaxing part is running it will only say "relaxing" and not count down. Pressing the stop button will make the next working session appear which is something but I guess this was not the overall idea...
Thanks in advance
Hey there,

Could you plz tell us the browser and version number?

I am using Firefox for openSUSE Leap, open SUSE 15.0 as operating system, the version number of Firefox seems to be 60.6.1esr
Hey there,

Sorry for the trouble, we have found the issue and will get it fixed in the next version. Thanks for your support.
Thanks for the speedy reply :-)
Hi Carol,

the issue is fixed now. Thank you a lot, that was quick! :-)
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