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Changing date by dragging to Mini Calendar doesn't work anymore...
It's not possible anymore to drag & drop tasks to dates in the mini calendar. It seems like the mini calendar is simply ignored and instead the new tasks are assigned to the lists that are shown behind the mini calendar. This is really really really annoying and makes it hard to quickly change the different due dates of 100 tasks...
Hey Markus,

Could you plz provide us some screenshots of how you do the drag & drop action via That would be helpful for us.
Thanks for the reply!
I sent a video to
I have this exact same issue and it is a deal killer! Dragging tasks to a new date on the mini-calendar is broken and NO LONGER WORKS!!!

Here is how it used to work: I could hover over a task in a daily list, and at the far left a three-line "burger" icon appears and my mouse pointer becomes a four-direction-arrow icon. Then I would click the task over the burger icon and drag it down to the new date I wanted on the "mini-calendar" and drop it there, and the task would be moved to that date. The new, incorrect behavior, is the same as above, except the task date is not changed.

I am hoping to get the dev's attention by making this post as active as possible. It is Tuesday morning at 8:24 AM, and my most recent post was 4 minutes ago. Please fix the calendar drop issue as soon as possible. I will be checking back (and commenting) frequently!
This was originally reported 4 days ago, and I find it hard to believe that that someone on your team was not able to duplicate it immediately. I am accessing tick-tick in chrome 70.0.3538.77 (64 bit) on windows 10. On my other windows 10 computer, I use chromd 73.0.3683.103 (64 bit) and it has the same problem. I did notice that on my other computer, it was still working this morning, but as an experiment, I closed all browser instances, relaunched chrome, and loaded tick-tick, and the problem started happening there as well. This problem has obviously been introduced in a very recent update.
Hey Ron,

Sorry for the trouble. The dev team has noticed this issue, we have been looking into it and will get it fixed asap.
@Carol, do we have a release date on the fix for this problem? I still think this should be a hot fix that is rolled out immediately. If you won't do a hot fix, when is your next release where the fix will be included?
Another question: Why does my last post not show me as a "PRO" user anymore? My functionality all seems to be PRO and I am on auto renewal with my next renewal not being due until February 2020. Is this somehow related to my mini-calendar problem? Since the mini-calendar is a PRO feature, am I somehow only configured partially as a PRO user?
Being the squeaky wheel here. In place what was a simple drag and drop to move a task to a different day, I now have to do at least 4 mouse clicks. It is a significant time suck when one has a lot of tasks to work with. PLEASE fix this issue!
Anything for us yet?
Hey Ron,

Sorry for the late reply. We did some adjustments in the last version, will get it back in the next new version.

Thanks for your support.
HI Carol,

Thanks for the reply. When is the next new version? Is it days, weeks, or months away?
Oh my god it works again! Thank you so much!! <3
Confirmed! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
@Carol, Again, thank you for fixing. However, I have noticed that the operation is MUCH slower than it used to be. In fact, if I move a large number of tasks, it pegs the CPU on my computer which tells me that the JavaScript that accomplishes the move is working much harder than it needs to. There is an opportunity for some additional debugging and optimization in your next release.
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