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My task lists
I do not see the lists that I created myself, only the standard ones - today, week, incoming.
How to display all lists?
Hey Conocube,

Could you tell us the platform you are using for TickTick and could you please be more specific about the case?
I use iphone 7 + apple watch 3.
In my ticktick lists are created - buy, home affairs, work affairs and so on. On the clock, I do not see these lists. I see only - all tasks (all tasks from all lists), tasks for today, for a week, etc., but there are no my lists - to buy, household affairs, business affairs, etc.
on clock
Hey Conocube,

Sorry for the issue, have passed it to the dev team, they will look into the issue asap.
Hey Conocube,

You can go to Settings ---General--- under Apple watch, you can check which list is displayed on the watch.

I do not see such an item in the settings.

Is this setting on the clock? In the application settings?
Hey there,

It is in the application settings, normally it shows when your apple watch gets connected with your phone.
Thank you so much !!! I found this item in the settings and included the lists I needed! everything is working! you are the best of the best.
I created a list and have it sorted by title. When I view the completed items on the list they are not sorted. I can’t seem to correct this. Is there a way to sort compiled items in a list?
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