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App stopped working after today's update

The app stopped working on my iPhone after update. When I run app it shows logo, but then just closes. I reinstalled the app, reset the phone, nothing...

Anyone else having same problem.
Same for me. App shows animation that launches but immediately force closes. It's a pity to pay for app and not being to use it.
Iphone xs
TickTick 5.0.10
Same problem for me!
iPhone 7 plus IOS 12.2
TickTick 5.0.10
I have the same problem.
IPhone X, iOS 12.2
TickTick 5.0.10
same problem here. both for iPad and iPhone
I have just downloaded the app and I have the same problem!
I have the same problem
Hey guys,

Sorry for the trouble. We have found the issue and will get it fixed asap. Before we made it, you may use version 5.0.02 via testflight.
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