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Phone Freezes after Android Pie Software Update
App was working fairly well, with some exceptions, before software update. Following the update on Tuesday, when I drag a notification down from the top list & select an action, the phone display freezes and/or will not allow access to the drop down menu. After appx 40 sec to 1 minute, system works normally until accessing another TickTick notification from the drop down menu. I deleted app and phone seems to work normally, but after reloading the app, system locks up as before. I'm using a Samsung Note 8.
Sorry for the trouble. We have passed the issue to the dev team and will get it fixed asap.
I have a Samsung Note 8 as well (Verizon). After the update to Android 9, Ticktick freezes the phone, and then all the ticktick notifications show in the tray and the phone is back to normal. However, phone regularly hangs throughout the day. Unintalling ticktick from my phone completely fixed that problem.
Hey there,

Have you tried to get it updated to the latest version in Google Play? If it still does not work, Could you send log to us (Settings - Feedback & Suggestion - Send Feedback)?

We'll look into this asap.
Any update on resolving this problem or do I need to switch to an iPhone to access Tasks without locking up?
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