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Shortcuts (! and ^) not working in Calendar view

I've found out that while shortcuts for changing priority and list work in "normal" view, they don't work in calendar view. What's interesting though, is that tag shortcut (#) works even in calendar! Could you please fix this?

Thank you for this awesome app!
Hey there,

Could you plz tell us the platform you are using for TickTick and could you provide us some screenshots for the issue you just mentioned via

I've been having the same problem. I mainly rely upon scheduling and timeblocking my day via the calendar view.

However, although # works to bring up the 'tags', I cannot use ^ or ~ in calendar view in order to select a 'list'.

This problems exists on both the WEB and WINDOWS calendar view. Are these shortcuts not meant to be used in the calendar view? Is there another shortcut I'm not aware of?

Hi, I´m experiencing the same issue. Any news on this topic?
Had reported this a while back
+1 would love to have this feature, I also schedule via the Calendar view
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