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Typing becomes very slow (macOS app v. 3.0.0)
Steps to reproduce:

1. create a new task, with title "example task"
2. click on it in the list of tasks, so that the side panel on the right with Title and Description appears
3. start typing something in the Description field.

After few seconds of typing the letters start to appear with a significant delay.
After a minute of typing the lagging increases enough to render the application unresponsive also to mouse interaction

I'm on a Mac Pro with macOS 10.13
Hey there,

Doe it happen recently or exist for all time? Could you plz try rebooting the app to check if it turns normal?
Hello and thank you for getting back to me.

The problem only appeared when I updated to version 3.0.0 of the macOS app, which I have done some days ago.

I am sure there was no such problem with previous versions: quite often I typed very long Descriptions for tasks without a glitch.

Quitting the app or rebooting the computer does not solve the issue. When I relaunch TickTick and type some text for a Description, the app becomes unresponsive again after few seconds of typing.

I have also noticed that this happens also when editing the title of an existing task, so it looks like a broader problem with typing.
To reproduce this second variant:

1. Click on an existing task in the main list, making the text caret blink in it signaling that typing is possible

2. Type some more text: after few seconds of typing the text will start to appear in bursts, several seconds apart one from the other, as if the displaying couldn't keep up with the typing.

This happens also at moderate typing speeds: for example, I'm keeping the same pace writing this report on the website and the text box I'm writing in isn't having any problem in showing all the letters instantaneously as I type them.

If you think it's more useful, I can make a video showing the issue

Thank you, yfede, for bringing up this issue. I'd wager that this occurs with all people that use Macs.

Typing is extremely slow on the Mac version. Always has been. I'm surprised that TickTick hasn't addressed this yet as it is easily reproducible.

Other than that, this is still my go-to app for tasks and whatnot, but there are still some kinks in this that make certain activities laborious.
Hey yfede,

Yup, that would be helpful if you can send us a video via
Done. You can also view the video here:

What you hear in the audio is the sound of the keys being pressed.
I tried to keep a steady typing rate of around 3 keys per second.
The text in the description field clearly doesn't keep up with even that modest rate

I've experienced this as well, same exact situation. I'll look out for an update with the bug fixed.
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