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Device Sync Issues

A bunch of iPhone 7 with Siri + Tiсktiсk. Tasks added using Siri are added to the application only if it is launched on the phone. In the automatic mode, this does not happen. If I do not run the application on the phone, then in the browser I do not see the added tasks through Siri - this is not convenient.
Hi there,

Actually there are two ways for Siri to add tasks to TickTick.

The first one is to create a task, the task transferred to Reminders and then synced to TickTick, in this scenario, you may have to make sure the app is on when adding tasks.

The other one is if you input texts including words"TickTick" when adding new tasks via Siri, you do not have to launch the app.
Thanks for the answer!
Tell me, what should be the command for Siri? I try: "Remind in ticktick" "Remind in ticktick" - the task is not added to the tiktik, Siri asks to unlock the phone.
Hey there,

You can add tasks via "Siri": Add "go to gym" to TickTick.
I did this. Siri responds - unlock the phone with a fingerprint. Even if you unlock it, it says something went wrong.
I give a command to Siri with a mention of tiktik, she answers - something went wrong. And in the phone and in the clock
Hey there,

Sorry that it is probably a bug, I have passed it to the dev team and they will look into the issue soon.
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