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Apple watch + Habit tracking
From what I can see, the habits don't appear in the apple watch app. It would be a very useful feature if they did (and I assumed they would, which was why I started using ticktick just now in the first place :) )
Hey Zach,

Thanks for the support. We will share the feedback with the team and have an evaluation soon.
It'd be really nice. Due to lack of Apple Watch support I use another habit tracking app.
I would also like this feature. Currently I have habits included in the badge icon count on my iPhone so it is showing me a different number than my Apple Watch. As it is if I go by my watch it'll say I'm done for the day when I haven't completed my habits.
Подскажите, когда будет нормальная поддержка Habit на Apple Watch. Сейчас на Apple Watch приходит напоминание о привычки, и предлагается отметить эту привычку, но при нажатие перебрасывает в программу на Apple Watch и боль ничего. Приходится брать iPhone и отмечать там. Так же не должно работать.
Hi Иван,

Could you please try force touch and see if it works?
При нажатии кнопки Yes, check! открывается приложение, но в списке этого Habit нету.
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