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Apple watch + Habit tracking
From what I can see, the habits don't appear in the apple watch app. It would be a very useful feature if they did (and I assumed they would, which was why I started using ticktick just now in the first place :) )
Hey Zach,

Thanks for the support. We will share the feedback with the team and have an evaluation soon.
It'd be really nice. Due to lack of Apple Watch support I use another habit tracking app.
I would also like this feature. Currently I have habits included in the badge icon count on my iPhone so it is showing me a different number than my Apple Watch. As it is if I go by my watch it'll say I'm done for the day when I haven't completed my habits.
Подскажите, когда будет нормальная поддержка Habit на Apple Watch. Сейчас на Apple Watch приходит напоминание о привычки, и предлагается отметить эту привычку, но при нажатие перебрасывает в программу на Apple Watch и боль ничего. Приходится брать iPhone и отмечать там. Так же не должно работать.
Hi Иван,

Could you please try force touch and see if it works?
При нажатии кнопки Yes, check! открывается приложение, но в списке этого Habit нету.
What happened to this feature?
This doesn't seem like too difficult a task. Even to enable the ability to throw them inline with tasks or something would at least give some functionality and get this rolling sooner than later. But I agree with other sentiments. This really cripples the watch functionality as habits would be my first use case on my watch followed by other tasks beyond that.

I think the quick checking of habits is what actually helps make it a habit.
Ну так что когда-нибудь будет возможность отмечать выполнение привычки на Apple Watch, уведомления приходят, а отметить выполнения нельзя?
Would really like to see and check off my habits on apple watch. Hope this feature gets deployed soon. Thanks.
Really excited to see habits on watchOS! :)
Yeah, me too. :)
Just bought Apple Watch, was really surprised that there is now easy way to track habits in watch app. Is there any plans to support this feature in future releases?
Please tell me how to enable the display of the Hubbit on the apple watch?
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