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Notifications don't clear
Hello! Great app you have here. I noticed that notifications don't clear out from the notification center on IOS and MacOS. If you open the app on mac, complete a task and you have a notification, it doesn't clear out. Same if you have it on IOS.

In the AM you end up with so many notifications about tasks that have been completed, and it's the same notification again on all devices.

Can you please fix?
Hey there,

Could you plz provide us some screenshots via
Don’t you usually have to clear those manually anyway?
@Annie, as far as I know, and in most other tasks and reminder apps, syncing between devices includes notifications as far as I know. I usually don't have to clear a reminder notification after I complete it on one of the devices. The issue here extends to not clearing the notification automatically even when you complete a task on the same device. Thank you for your feedback!

@Carol, I'm not sure if screenshots help since it's an action; completing a task does not clear that one notification on the same device or on other devices, making hard to know if I have missed a task or if it's an old notification of a task that I have already completed.

Thanks all!
Same issue here. Using Windows Chrome or Firefox and Android. Not clearing.
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