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Still can't sign in to gmail to transfer email easily to TICKTICK when I click the drop drop down box it asks for the password etc which I have done many times and it doesn't accept. The option is one of the most important to me.

Please reply and quickly. It took a short time after my first one and no response after my followup.

keith altomare
Hey Keith,

Could you plz try installing the TickTick extension in your browser? You shall see an "Add To TickTick" button appear at the menu bar in any Gmail emails. Simply click the button and turn your emails into tasks in TickTick. Hope it helps you.
Hey Carol

I have Tick Tick as a chrome extension. Did try and delete and reinstall it. No luck.

Like I said, I have the ADD TO TICKTICK in gmail but it keeps asking for my password.

I am usually good at this. Love your emoji btw

Still not getting in. Todoist looks better and better since I can immediately go from Gmail to task.
Have deleted and reinstalled on a chromebook the extension at least 6 times.

Hey Keith,

Could you plz provide us some screenshots via

It takes 5 days to answer a question.

Not good. I explained the problem.
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