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subsequential tasks
hi is there a way to add subsequential task to a project?
I wanna be able to see only the next possible action for a certain project on the "today" view.
Hey there,

Could you plz elaborate the scenario that you need? I wonder do you mean you wanna the "today" view only shows the task from a certain project for today in subsequence.
Example: I planned to do a project for "today", and to make things easy for me I divided the big project into small steps. But I set up all the tasks to be subsequential because I cannot start the second if I haven't finished the first one and so on. I wanna have the option to only see the next possible action if the tasks behind it are subsequential. Because I cannot do them in any case and they are only accumulating in the today causing me problems to see with a glance which is the first thing I should do.

this is true for multiple projects. Another example is studying: if I decided that I'm gonna read multiple chapters in the book that day, I don't want the app to show me "read chapter 1" , "read chapter 2" , "read chapter 3" and so on, But I would like instead to show me only "read chapter 1" and when I mark it as complete in the today list, then show me "read chapter 2".

this could be helpful so I can add a due day on a task that has many other subsequential to it and having all of them appear in my today view without taking up visual space, but replacing the previous one as I carry out the project.

the possibility to add a due date to an entire array of tasks that are subsequential cleans the look of the today view from all the junk I cannot do right now because I have to do something else before. And focusing this way on the important things.

Thanks for your patience for this clear scenario description. We already get your point, have noted it down and will do an evaluation asap.
Don’t mean to resurface this thread, but is there an update on this? I think this feature would grab people’s attention. I know most OmniFocus users would definitely convert. When folks talk about OmniFocus they bring up two things: Review and Sequential tasks. Your app would have the upper hand because of its aesthetics.
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