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False triggering of notifications
After creating the subtask and setting the day timer, without time, a daily timer is triggered, which is turned off by default.
This bug occurs on all platforms. - switched off
Hey there,

Already contact you via email, more questions, feel free to ask.
Good afternoon, it's been half a year since my first appeal:

I wrote a letter of support to the post office, made threads with this problem, BUT! it is not fixed!
Sorry for the trouble.

This is a quite tricky issue that took longer than expected to fix on our end. We will try to resolve it and keep you informed soon.
We found it and it is good!
I really hope for you.

Sincerely yours, Ilya.
Good afternoon, when do you fix the problem?
Good afternoon, when do you fix the problem?
Hey there,

I apologize for getting you wrong before. Just to confirm, the issue you mentioned above is even when you turned off the daily alert and there is no time set for the subtask, it still gets triggered at 9 am, is it correct?

If so, we are afraid it is a part of the design, the team will consider for the future tweaking on the feature.
Yes, that's right.
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