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Quick Add in combination with floating SwiftKey
I am using the SwiftKey keyboard on my 10 inch Android tablet device.
I now discovered that when SwiftKey is used in 'Floating' mode (because I do not want it to block a large part of the screen), that the 'Quick Add' in TickTick is not working as I expect.

When I click the Big + button on the bottom right, the quick add line on the bottom is shown, which allows to type a new task. This is working correctly, however when I press the 'Add task' button (the triangle pointing to the right), the TickTick application is in a kind of blocked state.
On the top left it still shows an 'arrow to the left' icon, but that button is not working.
I have to press the physical android back button on my tablet to get back to the normal list view.
Then the newly added task seems to be added correctly, but it is strange that I have to press the android back button to get this working.

I do realize that this also could be caused by a problem in SwiftKey, however for me it is impossible to determine the real cause of this problem.

Can you fix this, so we can use Swiftkey in floating mode to easily add new tasks in TickTick using the Quick Add?

Thanks in advance,

Hey there,

Already contact u via email. We wonder if it runs well now.
Hi Carol,

Sorry, I didn't receive an e-mail from you, regarding this topic. Can you send the e-mail again?

Hey John,

So sorry late reply. We've tried to fix the issue. Would you mind contacting us via and we will send you a test version in attachment to see whether it works well.
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