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Possible search for all tasks created/modified within time period?

I'd appreciate your help.

I realized Ticktick provides a way to check task activities, but it seems to be restricted to individual lists, not allowing to have a broader view of all tasks created/modified in all lists at once:

Is there any way to search TickTick for all tasks created/modified within certain time period (e.g. since 3 days ago) through all lists at once?

In other words, I am looking for a GLOBAL listing of tasks created/modified within certain time period.

Just as references, in Evernote I can search for "updated:day-3", or in Workflowy for "last-changed:1d", then I will have a GLOBAL listing of tasks created/modified since 3 days ago.

Thanks for the assistance!
Hello Cadu,

Thanks for the idea. I'll pass it to the product team and we will have an evaluation of it.
Any update?

Ticktick is a full-feature, smart and well-designed task app, unique in many aspects, except for the fact it doesn’t provide the user any way to check globally the changes for all activities.

You can, in a very limited way, access the “List activities” for each list individually, which doesn’t provide a practical usage from the standpoint of a project manager. It is inefficient to navigate dozens of lists, one by one, to try grasping the global meaning of your full Ticktick dataset.

Even a simpler use-case makes evident the blindness Ticktick put you in:
- You and people within your shared lists added/changed tasks in the last couple of days.
- You want to see just what was added/changed today.
- You simply can’t!

Developers, I suggest at least three possible approaches, that could be even complementary to each other:

a) Global smart list for “All List activities” (to be placed at the top, next to All, Today, Next 7 days, etc.). This kind of global activities list is already available in several task asps, as Todoist, Notion, Evernote, Workflowy, Dynalist, etc.
b) List activities to "all tasks" folder (grouped lists).
c) Custom search list for “tasks created/modified” within a certain time period. Just as references, in Evernote you can search for "updated:day-2", or in Workflowy for "last-changed:2d", then I will have a GLOBAL listing of tasks created/modified since 2 days ago.

Please, developers, make TickTick evolving from viewing “trees and branches” (lists and tasks), to provide an overview of the full forest!

I do enjoy Ticktick, and this functionality is probably the one I miss the most. IMHO it would be even more useful than habits or text formatting. We are talking about a core TickTick functionality that keeps it out of being used for task – or even project - management seriously.

By chance, is a similar implementation already programmed in TickTick roadmap?

Thank you!
This would be *really helpful* - I love the Smart Date Parsing, and that TickTick auto-recognizes the day/time etc but again this morning, I created a note in one Smart List and as I submitted the task, it disappeared never to be found again... I hoped to find it in Summary but it wasn't there either. A simple solution would be to add a "Due|Modified|Created" selector in the existing "Logic of Date" Smart List filter.

Thanks in advance!
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