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All tasks showing one day off
Today I opened the TickTick app on my Google Pixel and all of the tasks are showing as one day off. For instance, all of my tasks for today show as overdue. All of my tasks for tomorrow show for "Today". All my tasks for Wednesday show on Tuesday.

Last night when I went to sleep all was ok and before midnight, my "tomorrow" tasks were all showing up on "tomorrow" and nothing was overdue.

This is not happening on the web version, only on my phone. Any idea how to fix?
Hello Alexis,

Sorry for the trouble. Could you provide your timezone? Also, did the issue only occur to all-day tasks (not tasks with specific due times)?
Same thing here, and i've aleardy emailed the support about it. Please fix this, it's very annoying.

Some tomorrow's tasks are showing up in today's list (Only on mobile)
Sentissi Mouad <> Thu, Jan 31, 2019 at 2:42 PM
To: Support TickTick <>
Ca you help with this one please :

Some tomorrow's tasks are showing up in today's list !?
Seems like mobile is not in sync .. I tried deleting TickTick data on mobile from Android App Manager, then i re-sync'ed all tasks in my account, but still same problem ?

Please advise.

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