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Granular controls in Calendar view
Being able to place my to do items in context to my daily calendar is invaluable. It's one of the primary reasons I made the switch from Things.

One thing that comes to mind that would make this feature even better is more granular control of dragging task duration. It seems that I am stuck to dragging in 30 minute increments and would love the ability to drag to 15 or even 5-10 minute increments. I know I can click into the task and type the duration, but dragging is much quicker when planning out my day.

This brings be to my next request, a more granular view of the calendar. I would love to "stretch" the vertical real estate in order to have space to reflect that granularity. Because of the limited real estate in the calendar view I am seeing tasks overlap visually even though they don't overlap from a tap perspective.

Thanks for listening!
Hello Conner,

Thanks for the feedback. I will share it with the team and evaluate it soon.
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