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How to properly setup date of cyclic main task and subtasks

Love your app but please help me correctly setup such a problem.

Every month I want to repeat sequence of tasks so I:

1. Add new recurring task and set date to 10 day of month and repeat monthly.
2. I add first subtask with a date as main task.
3. I add second subtask - 3 days later (13th).
4. I add third subtask - 3 more days later (16th).

After I finish first task on 11th day I am before date for second and third task but I see main task in red as it is over its date. Please explain how to set it properly so the main task has correct color according to statuses and dates of its subtasks.

Your scincerly
Marcin Stachowski
Hello Marcin,

Thanks for asking. Unfortunately, we don't have a workaround for your setup at the moment. Only the main tasks can be set as how you described, but not the subtasks. Your feedback's been noted, we will share it with the team and see if we could improve the function in the future.
Thank you for quick answer. I hope the team will consider such a function.
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