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Control z and control shift z are not working
basically your undo redo shortcuts dont work properly they actually eat away words! please fix this. I lost important documents do to shis
ALso you guys dont have this in windows app? Guys come on, stop doing your silly app improvements and focus on getting better more important functions like redo and undo
Hello Erick,

Sorry for the trouble. Did the undo/redo issue happen when editing or deleting tasks? Do you mind providing a screen record to, so we could have a check?
Editing task and you can just go to the windows app and try do a crtl z crtl shift z and see for yourself. Also start creating a long word count in tick tick and do the same a couple of times and you guys will see this.
Just checked with the win devs. Ctrl + Z works fine on our end while Ctrl + Shift + Z doesn't. They will look into it and have it fixed soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Also talking about this. Tell the Devs to do a google keep and add redo undo to tick tick app. That's much useful than the new habit feature
what is the update on this oilex
Sorry for the wait, Erick. Win devs are still working on a fix. Should be released soon.
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