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Weekly Completion Rate issues
1) There is no counting of completed subtasks in WCR and other statistics.
I.e. I have completed 2 tasks and 10 subtasks - statistics showed only 2 for day (

I'm using this feature to more realistic day planning.

Is any way to count completed subtasks?

2) Is it possible to start week from Monday, not Sunday? Now there is no option of week start except Sunday (usually I do a lot in Sunday).

PS. one more suggestion about colours ) In Completion Rate when more percentage = red color whereas less percentage = green color. I guess vice versa will be really better ) Thanks

1) Subtasks are not calculated in statistics. In fact, subtasks in TickTick are more like checklists for their parent lists, not actually tasks.

2) It's not supported at the moment due to some technique difficulties. We will consider imp0lmneting it in the future.
Regarding 1) - is it possible to implement counting subtasks by clicking some box in personal settings?
As for me (and I guess for many users according to subtasks issues in this forum) substasks are really more than checklists.
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