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Tasks on web and mobile show different due dates

I use both the web version of TickTick as well as the mobile version (Android). I have found repeatedly that my tasks on mobile will show up on a different due date than the web - with my phone showing something is due today, when the web (and in real life) it's due tomorrow.

Is there a solution for this?

Could you check the timezone settings on the web and Android app, see if they are the same?
The time zones appear to be the same. I have had this problem ongoing. I move from time zone to time zone quite a bit (weekly), the issue appears to be related to this time zone movement. For example if I create a task in the pacific time zone, then re-open it in the eastern time zone the due dates change.
Then the issue should have been caused by the timezone changes.

Could you make sure all data's synced to the cloud (show on the web), then reinstall the Android app and see if that helps with the case? Please keep us posted.
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