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Apple Watch Siri Watch Face

Actually, TickTick is enabled as a data source on the Siri Watch face, but nothing is shown. Is it a bug, or is the feature implemented yet?

I had the same issue. I found that if I tried to change the complications via the watch itself rather than the watch app I had success.

Sorry for the confusion. This is not a bug, but how the Apple system controlled all push notifications. TickTick is only allowed to show twice a day and display how many tasks you have for the day. But we can't customize it like a normal watch face.

Complications are different than the thing that I say. Check this picture:

I mean showing tasks on that timeline. WatchOS supports 3rd party apps as data providers.

@oilexxxi I don't see anything on the Siri Watch Face timeline, even twice a day. Are you sure that we are talking about the same thing?

I think the limitation is showing only one item for a 3rd party app at once. Actually, there are other to-do apps that shows the next item in the Siri watch face. It'd be good to show the next task or number of tasks as you said, but it doesn't work for me.
Yess! After watchOS 5.2 update, Ticktick is shown on the Siri watch face. Great to see that!
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