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Custom swipe action: select the task
I find the long-press to select a task is hit or miss [Android app]. Often TickTick thinks I want to move the task when I long press, even though I am trying to long press without any up/down movement of my finger. (This is only a problem on the first task selection, if I try to select a 2nd, 3rd etc TickTick knows I am selecting, not moving).

Considering that selecting tasks is a very basic/common an operation, I'd prefer it to be easier.
A custom swipe action to select the task would be much easier.

By the way, TickTick is an amazing product. I am thoroughly impressed.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Could you please provide your mobile model, so we could have a test?
I have quite the same problem.

Long press just move the task but not select (then I can't select many tasks to merge, delay or move them) .

My device is Huawei P20 lite from 12 months.
The problem is recent (8 days) both on 4.8 and 5 versions

Long press on TickTick to select a word works.
Long press on Gtasks to select many tasks works

I am anxious.
My device is Samsung Galaxy S9+ (SM-G965U) running Android Pie, carrier AT&T, security patch level 2/1/19.

It appears others are experiencing the same thing (see post by dominique)
Thanks for the info. Devs will look into it asap.
Hello team.
How do you progress?

I think that the bug is not for all Huawei p20. Then it is a recent apply that block the feature.

Please help us!

Multi selection is so basic.


Sorry for the trouble. It's confirmed that the two functions (drag to sort order/edit multiple tasks) that requires the long pressing action are blocked under certain Android systems. The product team has decided to change the "edit multiple tasks" from long pressing to an actual option, that shall make the "long press to drag" works. Please be patient for a bit longer. We will release it soon.
I'll be patient.
To change a date, edit multiple tasks is easier than drag them.
By the way, implement the new function to use it after a search.
"Edit Multiple Tasks" now shows up under the "..." (overflow) menu in TickTick for Android version 5.0


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