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Bug: Tag doesn't work when creating a new task
On ticktick android, when creating a new task, I click the tag symbol and select a relevant tag. The app autofills this in the task name eg #tagname , but it doesn't actually tag it.

So when I look in my tasks list I see:
Do stuff #tagname

But the tag is not listed as selected, and when I click on the tag list I can't see it.

If I manually change it after the task already exists, it goes in fine. But it's really inconvenient not being able to tag when creating.

(I don't have this problem on the web interface on my computer.)
I already reported the problem here [1] and submitted the debug logs as requested. Still waiting for the fix, though ;-)

Great thanks, I've read through and submitted more info on the main thread.
Hello Matt,

Could you please provide your mobile model and input method? We will have a check asap.
I'm having this same problem. Samsung Galaxy S7, TickTick for Android v4.8.6, default Samsung Keyboard. Thanks!
Thanks for the info, Beth! We will look into it soon.
Update: Devs have located the issue. We will fix it in the next release.
Great service thanks :) Look forward to the next release.
Yay, thanks! In the meantime, I discovered that the problem only seems to occur if you have an underscore (_) in the tag name. (could be any special character perhaps, I didn't test them all)
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