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Blank notifications
Hi. I have recently started receiving intermittent blank notifications. It usually happens when there are multiple notifications - most will appear ok, but a small number will just be a blank space where the notification should appear. Most of the time (but.not always), after completing/snoozing the visible notifications, the details of the blank notification appear. Tapping on the blank notification simply opens the ticktick app. Any ideas?

Sorry for the trouble. We've tried to fix this issue in the beta version 5.0. Please go to the pinned post and join the beta program. If it didn't help with the case, please send feedback to us directly from the beta app.
Hi. Thanks for the suggestion. I have joined the beta and installed the new version, but I am still getting exactly the same problem.
Could you please provide your mobile model, so we could have a test? Also, could you go to Settings — Sounds & Notifications — Notification Grouping and set it as "Off", see if that helps?
Thanks. The grouping/off works, and there are no blanks. However, this is not a long-term solution because I need the notifications to be grouped.

Model: Samsung Galaxy S7 (SM-G930F)
I'm afraid to turn off the grouping option is the only solution now. This is a tricky issue that's caused by the system. We will keep an eye on it and try to resolve it in the future.
Thanks. That is surprising - the app has worked fine without the problem for years. It must be something new which you have done, so why can't you just roll it back?

Anyway, is it something which you have plans to fix soon? If not, it will make the app un-usable and I will need to find an alternative. Which is a shame, because it's really good otherwise.
Hi - any reply to the last message?
Hi - any reply to the last message?

Sorry for the late reply. It's confirmed that this function will be blocked under certain Android system. We've been contacting the mobile manufacturers and trying to find a solution. However, it seems that to turn off "grouping notification" is the only workaround at the moment. Devs will keep an eye for the issue and see if it could be fixed in the future.
Thanks for the (same) explanation, but it seems you're just making excuses. The notification grouping works without problem on all my other apps, and it worked on previous versions of TickTick. This is not Android's issue; it is your issue. It's not working, so I'm not using this app any more.
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