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Alarm for TickTick Pomo Timer
Hi guys,
I recently started using the TickTick Pomo timer and I have found that the alarms for when a Pomo ends do no go off when I am on do not disturb mode, as I usually turn my phone on do not disturb to block notifications so that I can be more focused. Since iOS doesn't have a way to exclude certain applications from Do Not Disturb (damn it Apple), would it somehow be possible to implement an alarm feature that can work through do not disturb? Thanks.

Thanks for asking. I've just checked with the iOS devs. Unfortunately, this isn't something we could handle on our side. Apple does not allow any alarms to go pass the DND mode except for its own phone calls.
Thanks for the reply. Looks like I’ll be waiting for that A12 iOS 12 jailbreak then.
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