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Tasks are not getting synced if it failed to sync initially. Critical!
Hi! A couple of days ago I've created 15 notes on my iOS TickTick, and they failed to sync because I had very poor internet there, and so they haven't synced later too (i.e. I don't see them on Web and Mac OS apps), even with a manual syncing.

I've played with it, and found that if I change something in such task, the task appears in the web and mac os apps. But it's still a critical bug, because I can't see in the UI which record were saved successfully, and I could just lose some of them.

Sorry for the trouble. Manual sync should work under a fine internet. Could you try to create a new task now and hit the manual sync button immediately, see if the button works?
It works with new tasks, or when editing those "stuck" tasks.

Steps to reproduce:
1. In iOS app, create a new task with no internet connection (or weak connection, I didn't try to reproduce, in my case it was very weak disappearing connection).
2. Wait some time.
3. Get a normal internet connection, tap "sync".
4. Open TickTick web/mac os app.

Actual result: the task is missed on web/mac os app.

Expected result: the task is accessible from web/mac os app.
Thanks for the info. We will look into it and try to find the root cause asap.
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