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macOS App Font Size

Is there a way to change the font size in macOS app? I need a microscope to read my tasks.
+1. I would also like to increase the font size macOS app.
Yeah, it's really annoying that you can't increase the font.

Thanks for the feedback. We will evaluate it soon.
I'm new to this fantastic program and I love it, but the font is difficult to read in many instances, especially the completed tasks and the dates in both the OSX and Web. Please make them darker.

Also, whenever I make a change in a List, the title of the List becomes blank. I have to edit to rename the title of the List, then go back and re-edit to give it back the proper name for it to re-appear.
I want to love ticktick but end up moving to other apps like todoist or things because I can't adjust the tiny font on TickTick. It's too small by default for high resolution displays.

I've seen this requested before, is it anywhere near on the roadmap?
+1, can you please add capability to increase font. Especially in the calendar view, tasks are really small and hard to read. This is a big problem, particularly on large external displays. Please kindly prioritize this fix.
Hi guys,

Sorry that we currently do not have an immediate plan to support it yet, but I will pass your feedback to the product team for further evaluation.
I am trying premium for a month, but not being able to adjust font size may be what sends me in another direction. Reading tasks and calendar entries should be easy.
I'm with everyone else on this thread. The font size on the Mac OS is TINY. And completed tasks don't look much different than uncompleted tasks. I'm trying Premium...but if there's no way to adjust the font size, I'll have to find another solution. (Otherwise, It's a wonderful app so far.)
Hi guys,

Thanks for the feedback. We will consider supporting it in the future.
Suggestion for a temporary workaround: If you're using Chrome, install the TickTick extension, and click on it. The TT window that opens has no tabbed browser bar; looks and behaves much like the Mac app. AND you can enlarge the font: Command +
Not perfect... but not bad.
Same problem with large Windows displays. Have to use Chrome to work around the problem. Shame.
Thank you for cool app! Fonts in mac os desktop app aren't looking good! Here is print screen:
I am using High Sierra 10.13.6
Thank you!
Hi Alex,

Could you please provide information about the monitor on your Mac?
Great program, but don't understand why you use such teeny mousetype. Please add adjustable font sizes; technically, it's not that difficult. Seriously. Really seriously.

Otherwise, I'm off to a competitive program that does. It's not quite as feature-rich, but it is readable. Alternatively, you could throw in a pair of high-powered binoculars for each user. That would also help us read our tasks, currently masquerading as ant droppings.
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