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Links aren’t clickable no matter what I do
I’m having this issue on the iOS app and Safari web browser on iPhone. Links are not clickable, for example to Bear notes. I was considering a switch to TickTick but if links don’t work then the app doesn’t meet my needs.

I’ve searched and it seems this has been an issue for a while?

I’ve tried putting links in the task title, description, checklist and comments. I’ve tried long pressing. Nada. Argh!!

It works when in the task description. Long press on it until you see the link turns to blue, then press again lightly.
As I very clearly explained in my post, I have already tried putting it in the description and long pressing and it doesn’t work.

Perhaps you didn’t note the following information from my post:
- The issue is with callback links to Bear notes
- I’ve tried putting them in the description
- I’ve tried long pressing
- This doesn’t work

I must say it’s extremely frustrating to wait for a response only to try something I’ve clearly said I’ve tried.

I tried TickTick once before and was put off by this issue and all anyone would say was “it works in the description”. This works with URLs but it does not work with callback links to Bear.

I wish someone would actually read my post and help me with the issue I’ve described.

I can’t use the app if I can’t use callback links so I really would appreciate an answer that addresses this.
Sorry for the misunderstanding. Just double checked with the iOS devs. Callback links to Bear are not supported yet. We will implement it in the future. Thanks.
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