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Add tasks using Shortcuts app with variables

Please add ability to create a new task with variables on Shortcuts app. Then, we can create nice automations to add some tasks to TickTick.
I also vote for deeper integration with Apple Shortcuts app. Currently, adding a task via Shortcuts does not offer anything but to open TickTick app. We need more variables there. Like how Things3 and Todoist do. Adding automations will certainly put TickTick ahead of its competition.

Sorry, to support this function is not on our current to-do list. You may give the URL scheme function a try for now.

More info:
@oliexxxi considering that url callbacks are considered insecure and the full ios ecosystem moves towards shortcuts (especially now that the shortcut app comes preinstalled), would the team maybe reconsider their decision of not adding proper shortcut support?
Does this work yet?
Please kindly revisit this request
Bump. I'd also like the ability to modify habit completion, in addition to task creation.
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