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3rd party calendar subscriptions aren't shown on Apple Watch
I imported my local calendars and events are shown on the iOS app, but they are not shown on my Apple Watch. Is that normal?

Could you add this feature to the Apple Watch app too please?

Thanks for the feedback. We will consider supporting this function in the future.
That would be a really helpful feature.
Would love to see this feature
I think this is a good idea as well. Been having to switch away from Tick Tick, but have given it another try. The calendar events will show up on your phone, but not on the apple watch. If you could have it so everything that is on the phone would be able to make it into the apple watch (calendar events) that would be awesome.
Hi guys,

Thanks for the feedback. We will add your votes for this function.
I would really like this function as well.
Me, too! Thanks!
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