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Convert calendar event into task
Hi. Is there a way to convert a calendar event into a task? It’s a useful feature but no task manager, that I know of, offers this. I’ve been using Siri Shortcuts with Things 3 to achieve this for now.

I love the workflow in TickTick and really want to use this feature as a built in functionality in TickTick. If this feature already exists, or if there’s a workaround, please let me know.


Thanks for the idea. Could you describe why you would need this function in TickTick? Is it for editing events?
Calendar events are static information. Especially if those are third party subscribed calendars. Sometimes, and in my case, quite frequently, a calendar event requires more attention. Sometimes it needs to be planned in stages. Like a multi-level project. Calendar apps don’t offer this flexibility. So one has to then manually copy this information from calendar into a task manager.

I understand that this may not be a requirement for majority of users. I used Apple Shortcuts with Things3 to scan my calendar and pull out calendar events with defined conditions and create a task in a project with all fields (date, deadline, reminders) already set automatically. But this is still a workaround. In the case of TickTick, even this workaround is not possible because TickTick integration with Apple Shortcuts is not as detailed as Things 3 or Todoist. So I have to rely on Things 3 for now. For everything else, I use TickTick but for this particular reason, I have to involve Things3 into my workflow.
I was also hoping TickTick would the functionality to convert calendar events into tasks.

Often I have calendar items that must be completed within a flexible 2-hour window, I would like to be able to close these issues and have them removed from my calendar list, as these events produce a lot of clutter.
I fully agree @Shawn McKay. I also vote for deeper integration with Apple Shortcuts app. Currently, adding a task via Shortcuts does not offer anything but to open TickTick app. We need more variables there. Like how Things3 and Todoist do. Adding automations will certainly put TickTick ahead of its competition.
Thanks for the info. Will pass this feedback to the product team doe some evaluation soon.
I would also love to have this functionality, as well as converting a task into a calendar event.
I was looking for this kind of function as well. I'm new to the app and before this I used to put all of my school assignments in my google calendar, so I was really excited when I saw you could sync your google calendar and ticktick. I had all my assignments for the whole semester in my google calendar so I was hoping I could just convert those events to tasks so I wouldn't have to manually enter all my assignments again
I am 1000% percent on board with this becoming an option. Integrating my school calendar from Canvas and my work calendar would be ideal. I have assignments on my school calendar and patient visits on my work calendar. It would be amazing to have these displayed as daily tasks!
I'm over the moon to find fellow TickTickers who share a similar wish / issue! I agree with all the aforementioned points, it'd be such a handy function for those of us who require multi-phase planning of their existing events.

Personally, I also see a reverse scenario being useful. I can use the task function to quickly "jot down" future events i.e. "Grandma Bday," treating it as a reminder to properly plan the occasion - and to later convert it into an event with actual date, place, invitees, etc. Bonus points if a list of subtasks can be carried over into the event!
Would like this feature too as my lectures are all in my calendar but they are now recorded so would be good if they can become tasks to I can put them in my week to watch at later dates
I use Zapier to create a TT task from Google Agenda
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