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It would be great, if you can add notes, via handwriting in the app. And be recognized and be searchable. It would be an amazing feature that can separate this app! It's already a better to-do app than the rest, which is why I subscribed for premium, but this would put it leagues beyond everything else.
Seems a bit unnecessary to be completely honest, what would be the real productivity gain (ticktick is a task manager not really a notes platform).
I understand that it seems unnecessary. I was simply thinking for people who task manage using pen and a notebook. As an accountant who is planning his own business ventures, I like the fluidity of writing down my tasks via pen and the iPad. I realize it will never be implemented, perhaps by a new keen startup but its just a very cool idea nonetheless. Anyhow, I suppose it's fine as it is.
Apple Pencil would be nice but I see your point about it perhaps being unnecessary. I use Ticktick for all my studying and right now I have a workaround involving copy-pasting a Box link to my Notability note into ticktick so that when I am writing notes during class, I always have the right note instead of having to click open 3 different apps.
Integration with Notability or Goodnotes would be a possibility.
Would be great, I use notability too, but unfortunately they don’t have public APIs and TickTick doesn’t have one of their own yet either :(

Sorry I might have seemed rude but I think that TickTick needs to work on refining all the features they already have and make sure that these features are available across all platforms before worrying about new ones :D for now at least
Yes, you are right. We users always want so much ;). Agreed, refining what's there is always better than adding more and more functionality, otherwise we get 'Evernote syndrome' i.e lots of new functionality to please users but half of it not working and full of bugs..
I have somehow duplicated my post. Sorry..
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