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Don't allow to create empty tasks

As a habit I press enter after I edit a task, but the app creates another task below it. Could you add feature to disable this behaviour?


Sorry, we have no plan to support this function at the moment.
Ok, but what is the point of the task without any title?
Because, it is only available on the Mac app. I can not create an empty task on iOS app.
Sorry for the inconvenience. If you accidentally created an empty task, you may press "delete" on the keyboard to get rid of it immediately.
I just ask that why you allow that on mac, but not on iOS. I already know how to delete it.
They dont have this as a priority @kora and to be honest they shouldnt at the moment, Oilexxxi knows that what is much needed is speed. Tick Tick is slow in some platforms so they are focusin on fixing that
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