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Bug in rescheduling recurring tasks (completion date)
I found an annoying bug using the MacOs app. Here's the scenario.

-I schedule a recurring task once a month for example on the 10th of February (type: completion date, 1 month after completion)
-I couldn't complete that task on the 10th of February so now it's an overdue task
-Now, if I either complete the task after 4 days (14th) so I tick it without rescheduling it after 4 days or if I reschedule it (setting a new date) on the 14th and then complete/tick it...
-The system reschedules it automatically on the 10th March next month. This is not the behaviour expected since I completed the task 4 days after (14th Feb) and I expect the app to reschedule it on the 14th of March.

Please fix this bug cause it is very annoying!
this bug applies also on other platforms such as iOS :-(
Please fix it. This is a very fundamental feature for recurring tasks (completion date)
In my opinion, this recurring task functionality needs some fine-tuning. When a user completes the task after it's due date, they should be given a choice to either alter all the upcoming recurrences on that date in future or the same date as was planned earlier. For example, if I had set a task for completion on every 14th of the month and I ended up doing it on 16th of that month, I should be presented with a choice to either continue the upcoming recurrences on every 14th of the month, or every 16th of the month.
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