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Set Default Time While creating task
I would like to set a default time, while creating a new task.
Options can be a fixed time (Always 8 AM) or Current time + 1hr or so.

Is it possible to do so?

If not, by when this feature can be made available?


You may go to the settings, find new task default settings and make your selections.
I did tried that, it allows me to set priority and set Date Mode. Didnt understood what it means too.

However, my requirement is that, by default when i am creating a task, it should set the time to either "One hour from now" or "a predefined time". Hope you got it,
"Its about setting a default time for a task", not other default settings.

Any reply is really appreciated.

Is there any possibility to see this feature in the near future?
Sorry for the late reply. This idea has been passed to the product team. We will evaluate it soon. Thanks.
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