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Chained tasks
There should be an option to “chain” tasks so that when one task is completed, another task will pop up. You could create a task and then chain another one to it so that it doesn’t show up until the first one is completed.

Ex. 1st task- buy more paper
2nd task - put paper in printer

A simple example but some tasks are linked together and it would be nice to have one show up at a time so that only relevant tasks are shown.

Sorry, to support this function is not on our current to-do list.
This is the most important feature that TickTick lacks. The implementation may be different, but the main thing is that there should be a dependency between the tasks. Another implementation, for example, is a hierarchical task tree.
+1. I actually find this a great idea. @Dev please put this somewhere in your roadmap.
+1 would love to have such feature
+1 same here
Hi guys,

Thanks for sharing your ideas about it. We'll add your votes to this function.
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