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adjust number of hours viewed on calendar
I would like to be able to adjust the number of hours displayed on the calendar week view. As it stands, 8 am - 8 pm displays only across about 50% of my vertical screen space
- the top menu bar, space for all day events, then 12am - 7am takes up the first 25% of the screen
- 8am - 8pm is the next 50% of my screen
- 9pm - 12pm followed by unused gray space fills the last 25% of my screen.

I'd like to be able to "zoom in" to the week view to be able to schedule 15 min, 30 minute tasks.

Thanks for the suggestion. The product team will evaluate it soon.
Thank you. I've noticed this feature (being able to zoom in) works fine on the iOS app, so something with similar functionality on the mac app would be great.

On a similar note, it would be nice if "after work hours" were distinguished by a different shade of gray. I still want to display them, because I have tasks that I need to do on my way home or when I get home, but as it stands right now, I find myself scheduling work task at 6am or 7pm. For planning purposes, I want to visually see that five 2hr tasks throughout the day isn't feasible.
+1 Yes please also for the Mac App
+1 for Mac
+1 for Windows too please
+1 for windows
Hello, would also like to bump this issue. Thanks
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