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Multiple notifications vs task completion
Sometimes I plan multiple notifications for an event. e.g. for a doctor appointment I assign a notification one day before and 1 hour before the event. When the first notification is appeared I have to select if the event is complete or not or to snooze it. If I select completed then the event is completed and I won't have the second notification. If I select snooze then I will just change the time of the first notification and it will be repeated.
I want just to check the first notification without affecting the event or to postpone the notification.
Is there any solution for that?

Sorry for the late reply. You may click the "x" button when the first notification appears. Meanwhile, we will keep improving the overall notification design to make it more convenient.
Hi, if I click the X button the notification stays in the notification bar. It's annoying. Is this the only solution?

Did you enable "Stick in Status Bar" in the notification settings? If so, you will need to click to enter the task detail view when a notification pops up, so that it won't stay in the notification bar.
It stays only when I press the X, not generally.
Could you please provide your mobile model and system version?
Samsung galaxy note 9.
Android version 8.
Okay, devs will look into it soo.
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