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Parsing for lists
So we pretty much have parsing for tags, priority and dates... I think it would make sense to add parsing to lists. I would suggest the following "@" so if I type.

Go get milk tomorrow at 8 am @shopping

it will allocate the task in the list of shopping, and since pretty much we cannot have duplicate list this would make sense for that logic (to not have repeated lists)

Thats all :)
for lists you have the caret, so do ^shopping.
On cell phones will be easy to do @

Thanks for the idea. Will pass it to the product team for some further evaluation.
Thank you. I have a lot of folders and lists and it's much easier to type the name of the list than to manually do it with the mouse. Thank you
I agree with Erick. "^" is too hard to type on the computer and on mobile. @ and # are much easier.
@oilexxxi any update on how we can do this on mobile?
None so far @Ethan
^ is weird, can you not just make it like Todoist :D # for projects and @ for tags/labels
well why change the #tags for @, you just need to add @ for lists and we are goood
Yeah i'd settle for that.
Just because my muscle memory is from Todoist as i'm sure it is for a lot of other people, so keeping them the same feels better.
#tag makes more sense because a hashtag has "tag" on the name lol Todoist messed it up
true hahah
I guess it's because they call them labels
yeah, better @ for lists
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