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Google Assistant integration
January 2019 at the end and so far no definition referring to Google Assistant integration by
TT development team. Any positive news about?
What we can expect in the medium term about the development of this inordinate feature?

Sorry, we still have no ETA on the development/release of this function. You may provide feedback on how you would like to use the integration and we will add your vote to it.
I'm just trying out connecting Google Assistant to TickTick via the Gmail function. I'd be interested to know if anyone uses this.
I got Google Assistant to work on Google Home. I set up a IFTTT recipe.

1. The Google Assistant trigger: Say a phrase with a text ingredient

2. The response: Send an email to the address identified as token in your settings with the text ingredient as a subject.

While this works fine on Google Home, for some reason it doesn't work on the WearOS smartwatch. Has anyone had more success?
Any news on the Google Assistant Integration please? Like „Hey Google, and Milk to my TickTick Shopping List“?
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