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Attachments from phone not showing up on desktop or website
As the subject indicates, my attachments (pictures) on my phone are visible only from my phone and not on the desktop and web app. On the desktop and web app you can see a placeholder for the file but it will not open successfully.

The web app says "This image failed to load." and the desktop app attempts to open the file but says "Unknown file format, empty/damaged file or file not found". It clearly has a jpg extension, so it should know the format.

I've tried logging out and back in and re-syncing. I also tried re-uploading the photo, but now I just have two attachments that fail to load.

How can I fix this?

It seems that the attachments failed to upload to the cloud & sync to all platforms. Could you manually tap the upload icon on the attachments and see if it works?
I don't see any manual upload icon nor do I see anything in the menu for uploading. Am I missing it?
I figured this out. The upload icon was completely invisible. I tapped the bottom right corner of the screen and it asked if I want to upload without wifi. Upon confirming it uploaded.

I'm thinking the icon is probably white and was therefore invisible on my white document.

If that's the case, might I suggest an icon with an outline around its shape to be visible on any background?

Thanks for they help.
Thanks for the suggestion. The product team will evaluate it soon.
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