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List of smartwatches TickTick works with
Hi there.

TickTick rocks hard ;)

I'm looking at buying a smartwatch to get TickTick notifications.
Please tell me what the status of the watch app is? (no longer supported/ still in development?)
Do you perhaps have a list of which smartwatch devices/ operating systems that it would work on?

Thanks for using TickTick. Unfortunately, Android smart wear support is not our current priority. Devs might not be able to roll out new updates in a short term.
As a workaround, can you add a TickTock task via Google Assistant?
That's a good idea ;)
I'm trying it out by getting Google Assistant to send an email to my TickTick email token.
When a TickTick task reminder appears on my Android Wear smartwatch (Zenwatch 2), I can expand the notification on the smartwatch to reveal a variety of actions (mark complete, snooze 5 minutes, etc) which all do what they're supposed to do. So to my mind, Android Wear watches are already "supported" by TickTick (when paired with Android phones that have the TickTick app installed)

I don't think TickTick had to do any special programming for the watch to accomplish this... it's built into Android/Android wear...the expanded notification options that appear on the smartwatch are the same as those that appear on my Android phone for almost all of my apps.

Edit - my apologies. op may have been looking to create or edit tasks on the smartwatch - yes that would require a separate app developed by TickTick for the watch.
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