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User error: forgetting to hit enter. Can you help?
I mostly use the mac app, and when I go to the regular Add Task field, I fill out all the fields, but often forget to hit that final Enter/Return key to finalize the input. Guess I've grown lazy with so many new apps auto-saving every input.

I used to put tasks in a calendar app, so I would "Create Event" and then it didnt matter what I typed, or if I managed to get distracted while setting it up, the event was THERE the moment I had the idea to create it. In ticktick, theres a 10 second gap between deciding to create a task, and having it entered.

I know it's a small thing, but any advice for me, or way to address that in the software would be much appreciated!

Thanks for the feedback. Do you mind providing some apps that have the auto-saving function, so we could have a look and evaluate the feedback?
I don't know about other to-do apps, but some other apps I use for similar purposes are: Evernote, Mac Calendar, Standard Notes or Simplenote. I used Mac Numbers for my to-do list previously.

Basically with any of those apps, I can be in the middle of writing, and then abruptly exit the app, and when I return, it's where I left off. There's no "Submit" or "Enter" button or feature. Simply: "New Note / New Event / New Row", start typing, and the thought is captured.

On the mac app if I click a different list for example, my half-entered task is gone. On android, if I switch apps it is gone. Sometimes it happens by accident, or I'm trying to reference something, or I get a phone call...

There's not a "recent / last note submitted" feature either, so when I say "Hmm, that thing I was trying to put into TickTick.. Did I remember to hit Enter?" A "recents" list would at least confirm. Instead I have to 1) remember what it was and 2) do a search for the same words.

For TickTick to be my go-to idea catcher, it's got to be as easy as the others, or else some percent of those ideas are going to get lost. If I only forget to "enter" the new task 1% of the time, that's enough to ruin the experience.

The only solution for me is to use an app like Simplenote as my "go-to", and then take extra time to parse it into ticktick later. Not fun.
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