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Creating tasks with hashtags via LaunchBar
So, with Launchbar I can type tick, hit space and then enter a task. This works just fine. However if I enter a task with a hashtag I expect the item to be tagged with that hashtag, and if it does not exist create it.

So, if I enter

Wash the car #home

I would expect a task of Wash the car with the tag home. Instead, I see a task with the text "Wash the car #home" and the tag is not parsed. Can this be fixed to parse the hashtags?


Sorry for the trouble. Could you provide the TickTick version number of yours?
Version: 2.9.02 (89)
We can't seem to reproduce the issue on our side. Do you mind providing a screen record to, so we could have a check for you?

I have the very same problem with the Android version 4.8.6
This bug started recently after latest update, as I use this functionality daily.

Thanks for the fix,

Could you please provide your mobile model, system version and the keyboard you used? We will check it for you soon.
Sure, here are the info:

Motorola G5
Android version: 8.1.0
Keyboard: Gboard
TickTick version: 4.8.6

Let me know if you might need any additional info or would like me to help with the troubleshooting.


Sorry for the trouble. We still can't reproduce the issue on our side. Do you mind providing the task content that you tried to create? You may send it to with the case, we will have a check for you soon.
I have this problem too. Here is a video:

TickTick 5.0.0beta (I had this problem on the previous version too)
Google Pixel 3 XL
Android 9.0
Exact same problem here.

Been doing a bit more digging around as the devs can't replicate.

Sony Xperia X Compact
Android 8.00
Ticktick version 4.86

I use SwiftKey keyboard, tried my other keyboard "hackers keyboard" too and it does the same. I can't switch back to the default android keyboard for some reason it is missing, so can't test it with that.

More pertinently...

I noticed that if you enable quick add on the notifications bar (rather than from within the app), it works from there. I don't like the notification bar option it gets crowded enough up there without having things permanently taking up space, but interesting to note. It is a different screen and doesn't have the same bug.

And possibly the most useful....

If I do quick add from within the app THEN click the full screen button (top right corner), it works fine from within there too. This will do as a workaround for now for me for now.

I'd prefer if there was an option for quick add to open full screen by default tho, or if it was fixed on the initial screen.

Hope this helps.
Same problem when I add using the "Quick Add" (+ or plus button in lower right).
The Full Screen button is a good workaround, thanks Matt! I would also like the "option for quick add to open full screen by default", as I usually want to enter details and often a checklist within the task, and my new task is often not in the same List or Tag as my current view (I am distractible, and TickTick is great for getting a new, unrelated thought into reliable storage and out of my head.)
Environment: TickTick Premium v. 4.8.6, on Android 8.0.0, on Motorola Z2 Play.
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