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Why is their a character limit to notes
Seems utterly pointless
Sorry, what I called "notes" is internally referred to as "description". The limit seems to be 2000 characters, which is less than a page. Sometimes projects require a page of notes; its more convenient to keep these notes in the desc box than to attach them in a word doc or something and have to download it every time.
Tick tick is also more of a todo list than a project managment app, you could go around this by attaching a .txt file. Probably the limit is also to make the app less prone to lag and allocating larger spaces in the database can be costly.
I'm coming over from Wunderlist and this was something I did on that app all the time. The work around I'm using now is to switch from subtasks to notes (not sure if that's the official name for them). This allows me to keep adding notes into the description but I can no longer set subtasks which is a bummer. If they removed the character limit from description it would be best app ever.
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